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In order to best serve curricular needs of Theatre and Dance Majors, to maintain a safe and secure environment for students, faculty and staff, and to ensure proper maintenance and cleanliness of the building, the following policies and procedures exist for use of the Winship Building.

Policies and Procedures

There is a hierarchy of priority to room scheduling in the Winship Building.  Scheduled classes are first, followed by rehearsal space for the Department Production Season and class-related projects.  After these have been scheduled, then spaces will be reserved by request only, including non-curricular work by majors. To make a room reservation request you need to fill out a form that is kept at the main office front desk in WIN 1.142.

The Laboratory Theatre is reserved by a graduate student committee overseen by faculty member Rusty Cloyes.  They can be reached at   The Payne and Brockett Theaters are scheduled by Texas Performing Arts:

Access to Dance Studios (1.172, 2.116, 2.120) is limited to work in bare feet, socks, or dance shoes.  These rooms are designed for movement work.  No rehearsal furniture is allowed. 

Please fill out a "room reservation request form" at least 48 hours before the event is scheduled. These forms can be picked up from the main office whenever it is open - to include building monitor hours. Return the completed request to the front desk (WIN 1.142) for departmental approval.  If the room is locked, present the completed form to the building monitor on duty.  You will not be allowed to use the space without this written consent.  You can pick up your approval form at the front desk between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. 

We ask that all activities (class related, rehearsal, etc.) conclude so that students may vacate the building by 11:00 PM.  The Building Monitors secure all rooms before they leave for the evening. 

Please note that all rooms must be returned to "classroom order."  When you are finished using the rehearsal space, do not leave chairs pushed up against the walls or stacked on top of each other.  Return them to the center of the classroom so that the faculty members using the classroom the next morning won’t have to spend time pulling the desks into order to begin their classes.  If you have any questions about "classroom order" contact the monitor on duty.

Reservation Rules

We ask that you follow the posted rules in the department for the safety and convenience of everyone involved.

  1. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  2. Forms submitted less than two business days in advance will not be processed. 
  3. Students may not reserve space more than two weeks in advance.
  4. Whether you use the room or not, you are responsible for whatever happens in a room during the time you have it reserved.
  5. Return the room to "classroom order" when you are finished.
  6. No shoes in the dance studios (1.172, 2.116. 2.120).  These rooms are designed for movement work.  No rehearsal furniture is allowed.
  7. If you need AV set up, contact the AV office, WIN 2.114.
  8. Bring the approved room reservation form with you as proof of your reservation.
  9. The department reserves the right to limit the number of reservations a student may make all at once, or over a semester.
  10. There is absolutely no drinking alcohol or smoking in the Winship Building. Violators of this rule will be barred from reserving rooms in Winship.
  11. Non-UT affiliated persons are not allowed to make room reservation requests, nor are they allowed to use our facilities without a Building Use Agreement (see Ben Fest).
  12. Failure to follow these policies may result in the revocation of your Winship room reservation privileges.

Dance Studio After Hours Access

Effective February 20, 2012. This policy enacted with the approval of the Dance Area.

  • Dance studios (1.172, 2.116, 2.120) are locked during Winship after hours. The studios will be unlocked and function normally during the day (8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday).
  • The dance studios will only be accessible at night and on the weekends on a key checkout basis.
  • Studio keys may be checked out at the Winship front desk (WIN 1.142).
  • If a student has a room reservation for a dance studio, then he will sign out the key to that studio on the key checkout log and leave a photo ID. When the student’s reservation is over he can come retrieve the ID and sign out.
  • The front desk can verify a room reservation by looking at the "room request form" with Ben Fest's approval, or if that reservation has been input onto the room reservation calendars on Entourage.
  • If someone does not have a reservation form, but wants to “pop-in” on the studio, that student must be a dance student listed on Holly Williams's approved list.
  • If a student cannot provide an ID matching a name on the approved list, the front desk cannot let that person check out a key to the dance studio without a faculty-sponsored reservation using the normal room request forms.

Key Checkout Times


Monday through Friday


7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


Saturday and Sunday


Reservations in the F. Loren Winship Drama Building (WIN) and the Laboratory Theatre Building (LTH) are evaluated on an individual basis. Room reservation requests for non-performance spaces must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the date of use. Any request placed less than 72 weekday hours prior to the date of use will be declined.

Only Department of Theatre and Dance faculty, staff and students have permission within ArtsVision to request spaces in department facilities.

UT students from other departments, student organizations, and departments outside of the Department of Theatre and Dance should email to request spaces in department facilities. 

Room Use Guidelines:

  • All room use must be directly related to University business and attended by University faculty, staff, and/or students.
  • Theatre and Dance faculty/staff sponsorships are required for student room reservations.
  • Reservations must be reflected in ArtsVision. All other requests are not considered valid. Theatre and Dance Building Monitors will not grant access to groups that do not have official reservations.
  • Any user who violates building use may be banned from the room reservation software and thus may lose room scheduling privileges.
  • No pets are allowed in spaces with permission from the Operations Manager or Assistant Operations Manager.
  • Examples of unacceptable conduct by students, which are subject to disciplinary penalty, including loss of privileges, encompass, but are not limited to:
    • Damaging property of the University.
    • Ignoring/disregarding posted signs in spaces.
    • Having food/drink/shoes in dance spaces.
    • Failure to return spaces to neutral upon departure.
    • Activating smoke detectors with unauthorized haze or open flame(s).
    • Failure to follow directions from Building Monitors.
    • Failure to sign-in/sign-out from spaces.

Logging into ArtsVision:

  1. Login at
  2. With few exceptions, your username is your UT EID.
  3. The first time you log in, your password will also be your UT EID. You will be prompted to change your password immediately. 

For additional support, please email