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Unplug the USB Ethernet adapter before you get started.

Reboot the IMac and then 

Plug back in.

We've been having trouble with these adapters but

reseating the USB and re-starting helps.

User Logs in to IMac A or B

With EID and Pw


COPY the settings from tempstorage to

the Documents folder 

Next mount the media server so can add files

to the playback library

Click on

>Go>Connect to Server

Files should be a .mp4 or .h264 of the

story package or PSA commercial to play during

the newscast

Type in


Then click on Connect

User Name and PW is 

on stache

mount "Media" share

Next look for the app named

SuperConductor in Applications

When the application opens

Check that the server is connected to the application.

Go to >Home


>Check Casper CG in the upper left corner and

>Internal Bridge


Status should all be green

If not green then RESTART the IMac don't just log out 

RESTART and tha seems to fix it.


Click on Layers

DVR A and B have settings

Example here is DVRB should be set to

Chanel 2 Layer 1 and 

CasparCG 2-1 should be set to 

Chanel 2 Layer 1

DVRA should 

be set to

Chanel 1 Layer 1 and 

CasparCG 1-1 should be set to 

Chanel 1 Layer 1

Next to add content to the Media server

Simply drag over the file to the media server as shown

If it does not load open QuickTime player and export out

a 1080 file to recompress and it will fix the problem and the

file will show up in the app.

QuickTime Player – Export a H264 file

The file should automatically show up in the 

SuperConductor library. 

hit refresh on SuperConductor

Click on Default Rundown tab to use the rundown playback

When the file loads into the library drag it to 

the Rundown menu

Once the file is loaded then , click the Cue first part button

to cue up the clip for playback

Image Removedplay button when you want to play the desired clip

Cueing has proven to be more trouble than needed, so do NOT cue any clips

Image Added

To delete a rundown

Click on the RED trash can to delete

Confirm you want to delete and click DELETE