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How to call out from the control room

text here... local, long distance, international..


How to put the caller on the air

text here...


How to speak to remote caller - audio operator & producer


With the receiver hung up, press the toggle switch to "Answer" to make sure the phone is hung up.

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Pick up the receiver and dial out (using 9), then area code, then number.

If you need to make an international call, you will need an international code.


When you're ready for the guest to go on the air,

momentarily push the switch to the "Hang Up" position

and THEN hang up the receiver.


This does not "hang up" on your guest at all. It latches them in and sends their signal to the audio board.

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The guest should be able to hear talent.

The guest should also be able to hear the producer through the IFB mic, when the IFB REMOTE talk button is pressed.

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The audio operator should press the source button on Channel 11 of the wheatsone until "PHONE" appears in the source window. Do not press and hold for more than 3 seconds...a simple push will do.

Then that channel will operate like any other. Adjust levels accordingly.

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When done with the "on-air" portion of the phone conversation,

pick up the receiver and

push the momentary switch to "Answer".

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Thank the guest for participating, say your goodbyes and hang up.