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Only studio lights should be work lights.

These buttons designate what KEY or AUX bus your controlling.

For example, this is controlling KEY BUS 2

and this is controlling KEY BUS 3

When setting up chroma key, you do not want these buttons lit up...not even Aux1-3.

It should look exactly like this.

If it looks like this, then you are controlling Key bus 1, which is the only bus that has chroma key.

Once your controlling Key bus 1, press the CHR KEY should look like this.

Now press CAM 1 on the KEY/AUX bus. It should look like this

Twirl these knobs until

The 1st one says "Adv Mode"

The 2nd one says "Green Color"

You can twirl the 3rd one all you want, nothing will happen.

Press the KEY 1 TRANS button

Set up your shot.

We didn't have a person, so we used the MONITOR cart as a stand can do this too if you also don't have a person.

Remove the cart/person/stand in.

In a perfect world your scopes would look like this when pointed at the green screen

It will probably look more like this.

Press the 3rd knob over with "Init" in the screen above it, down like it is a button.

What ever is punched up on your program bus will now show through.

For us in this example it is REMOTE, which happens to have a weather map showing.


Now move your stand in back into place.

Now you can do the weather!

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