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Choose the following:
Format – QuickTime
Click on Output Name and choose a destination for the exported file
Choose to export Video and Audio
Click on the Video Tab and choose – Apple ProRes 422 as the Video Codec
On Windows systems chose the AVID DNxHD codec 175 23.98
Basic Video Settings choose
1920 x 1080
Frame Rate - 23.976
Field Order – Progressive
Aspect – Square Pixels


Click on the New Item and choose Sequence

Choose Sequence

Choose Canon XF MPEG2 1080p 23.976

Choose the Canon XF MPEG2 1080P



1920 x 1080 settings 





Set Video to 1 track

And change Master from Stereo to Multichannel

Click plus to add two more tracks.

Change Number of Channels to 6

Change all tracks types to mono

pan all odd tracks left

pan all even tracks right 


Now it's time to choose output assignments. 



Set Audio Track 1 to output assignment 1 - 2

Set Audio Track 2 to output assignment 1 - 2

Set Audio Track 3 to output assignment 3 - 4

Set Audio Track 4 to output assignment 3 - 4

Set Audio Track 5 to output assignment 5 - 6

Set Audio Track 6 to output assignment 5 - 6

(your screen will not look like the screen grab...only one "Track Output Channel Assignments" popup window will appear at a time)

Title the sequence and click OK

Import the Audio Files

Select the files and import

 Add audio clips to the sequence. Drag audio clips from the Project window to the 5.1 surround sequence in the Timeline window. You can drag an audio clip only to a track with the same number of channels, so if necessary choose Sequence > Add Tracks to add new tracks containing the number of channels that match the clips you want to import.

Add them as follows

A1 - Left

A2 - Right

A3 - Center

A4 - LFE

A5 - Left Surround

A6 - Right Surround

Make sure your movie is in sync on on video track one

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Image Removed

Export the QuickTime


Click on the Sequence to export and choose >File>Export>Media or click "Command M"

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But in premiere you won't be able to hear the center channel so you'll have to export to make sure it's in sync because Premiere does not have a downmix

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Go to >File >Export>Media

Image Added

File Name - Title of the movie

Location choose where you are going to save the file

Preset - Custom

Choose Format QuickTime

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Video Codec Choose Apple ProRes 422 HQ

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Everything else will be greyed out but Match Source will set the export to match the timeline

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Click on Audio tab and choose

Sample Rate 48

Sample Size 24



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Audio Channel Configuration

Output Chanels

>Sample Size >48

Then choose More

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Stream 1 > Output Channels > Select an Option

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5.1 L,R,C, LFE, Ls, Rs
Choose Export
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You may find other ways to do this on the internet. Ways that may seem legit, from legit organizations, like this one:

But if you follow their workflow, your mix will be wrong!  Aren't you glad you're attending UT!!  (smile)



Image Added

Choose >Entire Source

>Check the Output settings so they match

Video QuickTime 1998 x 1080 23.976 for flat

Audio Uncompressed 48 5.1 L,R.C.LFE. Ls, Rs 24 bit

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>Check the Output settings so they match

Video QuickTime 2048 x 858 23.976 for scope

Audio Uncompressed 48 5.1 L,R.C.LFE. Ls, Rs 24 bit

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Then choose Export

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