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The First step is to do a Sequence Export that Matches the Sequence settings.

This will be your VIDEO file that you will combine with your surround sound mix.

REASON FOR DOING THIS IS you will make a "video mixdown" of your timeline

rendering out the file with all the edits and resizing.

Go to >Sequence>Sequence Settings

Sequence Settings most common:

Look at the Timecode - should be 23.976 or 24

Frame size should be 4096 x 2160 or 3840 x 2160 or 2048 x 1152

Working Color Space REC 709


Select the final timeline you want to export and choose >File>Export>Media

Name your file

Choose Format > DNxHR/DNxHD MXF OP1a

Video Codec DNxHR HQ 8-bit

Then choose the frame size of your tmeline



>Full HD

Depending what your timeline aspect ratio

Frame Rate should be 23.98

>Click on the Output Name

Title it and choose where you want to save the file by clicking on Location

Choose the destination for the file Save it to your storage drive etc. . .

Click on Export in the lower right corner

The file will export for a bit so wait for that.

Image Added

In the meantime locate your Sound Mix files.

The sound mixer should of exported a Surround Interleaved 5.1 .wav file

Image Removed

The file should look similar to this 5_1.wav file

Don't want the ones labeled Stem they are not the full mix

We suggest making a new Bin to put the final files into for organization


Title the bin >Final Deliverables or similar then open the Bin to import

the image and sound files into

Import the 5.1 Interleaved File into your Premiere Project

RT click in the new bin and choose Import

Select the file and import
Choose the Interleaved 5.1 .wav

Import the Video File you just exported that matched the Sequence Settings

Choose only the .mxf that exported there will also be a .xmp but you can ignore that

Click on the New Item and choose Sequence

Choose Sequence

Choose DNxHR HQ 2K 23.976


Click on the Settings TAB

Editing Mode - Choose Custom
Time Code 23.976 frames/second

1998 x 1080 settings for FLAT DCP's or 2048 x 858 for SCOPE DCP's

If you do not know if your film is flat or scope??

Do you have bars on the top and bottom of your image to make it look wide screen?

Then your film is scope.  

If you do not have bars then it's flat.

Still confused?  Ask tech staff to help.