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Setup your project bringing in both your image and sound files recorded double system


In this example we have the image and sound files in a bin and named with the scene and take names


You may have even subcliped the files and named them


See this wiki for how to subclip



First take your image file and find the slate and mark and inpoint where the slate closes


Load in the corresponding audio clip that should sync with the image file.


Listen for the slate info and look for the hit of the slate in the waveform shown here for example.

Then mark and inpoint

Highlight them both in the bin

Then choose >Clip>Merge Clips

Name the merged clip and choose "Inpoints" as the Synchronize Point




Click OK

The merged clip will be created in your bin and you should check it to make sure it worked.

Make sure it's in sync. If it is not make sure you have the correct image and sound takes?