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Open your Premiere Pro Project and click on the Assembly Tab

Click on the Media Browser Tab

Browse to the desired files your files will be labeled Stereo Mix or
Something Similar

Right click the files and choose Import

The file will import and show as a stereo 24bit 48K file

Duplicate the Final Pic lock sequence

Rename the duplicate timeline as your final screening export timeline

Load the copied timeline by double clicking it. It'll load into the Sequence Window

Select all your audio tracks in the timeline. Click on the "Delete" key this will remove all of the audio clips from the timeline

Then go to >Sequence > and choose Delete Tracks

Choose Audio Tracks > Check Delete Audio Tracks >All Empty Tracks >OK

Last step is to add your mix to your new timeline with only the mix track

Drag it down and place it on the audio A1 track

Export the QuickTime

Click on the Sequence to export and choose >File>Export>Media or click "Command M"

Choose Format QuickTime

Choose to Export Video and Export Audio

>Choose Video Codec > Apple ProRes 422

Make sure it's 1920 x 1080 in the Basic Video Settings

Click on the Audio Tab and choose

Sample Rate 48

Sample Size 24

Output channels Stereo 1-2

Click on the Blue Output Name and this is where you choose to save the file on your hard drive

Choose a destination for your file that is going to be exported

Choose Export