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If you export out of AVID (or Resolve) for example you will have a .aaf or .xml

file and a folder of media

(small example shown here)

we are going to import the .aaf or .xml into Premiere and then link

to all the media in the AVID MediaFiles MXF >1 folder

Or to the exported files folder that was exported from Davinci Resolve

Open Premiere Pro

Create a new project or use an existing project

new project choose where to save the project and media

choose File > Import

Navigate to the .aaf or .xml file that you want to import and

choose that and select Import

LInk Media will pop up and you can choose to Locate the files

Navigate to the folder where the mxf files are located or to where you exported

the files from Davinci Resolve

choose OK and all the files should be located after the

first one is found

You will have a bin of clips and a timeline that will match what was exported

from AVID or Resolve