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Open Adobe Premere Pro

Make a new project

Name your project.

And Browse to a place you'd like your project to be your external hard drive.

Under the Scratch Disk tab, if you have every dropdown as "Same as Project"

you should be fine.

Click OK

Once you've created your project

choose File > Import...


Command + I

Navigate to your A7Sii or any other types of HD to 4K native camera footage clips
It's easier to select the MP4 files if you sort by kind, by clicking on the word "kind" in the kind column

Highlight the clips you want

click Import

Open the Hard Drive that contains the Card Backups that was made

Navigate to the Private>PANA_GRP folder for each card and click Import

You may get this error but the files are still readable

Then open Adobe Media Encoder

Back in Premiere select the clips that you imported from

the camera cards

Choose >File>Export>Media

Export Settings choose

the Preset "Apple ProRes 422"

No need to change anything else this preset is all set

click on Queue

Media Encoder will load up the selected files to export

Click on Output File

blue text to navigate where to save the new media

Choose the drive and folder to put the new media

Keep the file names the same!!

Click the green play button to start the export

When the files are finished there will be a green check box

Now Use the ProRes Files for editing.

Next close Media Encoder and go back to Premiere project that you made and bring in the ProRes media files

Choose >File>Import

Navigate to the ProRes files and choose Import

To make a sequence mark an in and out point on the source clip and drag it into the timeline to make sure the timeline matches the source


Check Sequence Settings

Go to >Sequence>Sequence Settings

Timeline should be 23.976

Frame Size 3840 x 2160

Square Pixels

Now edit in Premiere with the ProRes Media

This will be the codec you will use for output as well.

No need to go back to camera originals unless you need

to fix a problem with lost media or similar.