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Higher quality videos can be recorded by recording to your local computer. 

Sign in to your UT Zoom account using your-

Then use your EID to sign in.

Duo Two-Factor authentication is required.

Click on the SETTINGS tab,

then click on the RECORDING tab

Make sure the SWTICH for LOCAL RECORDING is flipped on.

Don't forget to SAVE the setting change.

If the switch is already flipped on, proceed to the next step

Now that you have set your meetings to record locally to your computer, you need to make sure that you have HD turned on in the Zoom client.

When you start a meeting, click on the small arrow next to your camera icon and go to VIDEO SETTINGS.

Under MY VIDEO: Make sure that ENABLE HD is checked.

You should now be able to record a meeting in HD (1280x720).

Once you have started the Zoom meeting you need to click the RECORD button on the control bar in Zoom. You will now get two options:

Record on this Computer

Record to the Cloud

To get the highest possible quality recording choose: Record on this Computer.

When you stop recording or Zoom closes, the video will automatically be converted into usable files. Zoom will convert an audio only file and a video file in the mp4 format. It may take some time to convert depending on the length of the meeting and the speed of your computer's processor. Once the conversion is complete you can access the files in the Documents/Zoom folder on your computer.

Note: you can also access the local recording by logging in to your account in a browser and clicking on RECORDINGS then by clicking on the LOCAL RECORDINGS tab at the top of the page.

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