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The researcher desk is broken down into a number of things. Here are the names and uses of each.

  1. Multiviewer monitor - This allows you to see all of the input feeds into the ATEM. Face camera, body camera, Stimulus pc, etc
  2. Researcher's side of the Stimulus pc - It's where you can setup the experiment and what is cloned to the subject in the other room.
  3. Blackmagic ATEM Switcher - This handles all of the inputs, controls the cameras, records the session, etc. This is the brain of the recording side of the setup.
  4. Researcher's iMac - This is for the researcher to view content without it being sent to the subject and also review and edit the recordings post session
  5. Streamdeck controller - This simplifies the controls of the ATEM and allows the researcher to operate the recording more efficiently without having to deal with the ATEM directly.
  6. Keyboard and mouse to the iMac
  7. USB hub plugged into the stimulus pc - It connects the mouse and keyboard for the stimulus pc as well as offers a place for researchers a place to plug in drives to offload or collect data from the session

The stimulus computer's mouse and keyboard is on a pullout tray below the tabletop

The stimulus computer is located to the left of the main desk on a miniature rack.

To turn on the Blackmagic Video Switcher, plug in the loose barrel cable to the port on the right rear side of the switcher

You will hear the fans spin up

Login to the Research iMac.

This is important as it will start the Streamdeck controller and the necessary services to control the ATEM.

How to set the recording name

On the streamdeck, you can quickly select which camera you want to see as the "program" or what is being recorded.

Optional camera feeds



STIM (Stimulus computer)

Picture in Picture (PIP)

Configured PIP presets:

Face center - The face camera takes the majority while there are small body and stim inputs in the lower corners

Body Center - Same as face center but swap the body and face cameras

4 box - four boxes equally divided on the screen containing the face, body, and stim plus a black space for the clock and bug.

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There are two additional sources that are applied on top of the video.

A clock and a Blank Center "bug" or icon designed from the center's logo to watermark the footage

These are pre-programmed to move with the PIP presets so if you are on 4 box and select face center, it will move them for you and vice versa.

*Keep in mind, if you are on the 4 box and switch from PIP to face or body, the bug and clock will remain in the bottom right corner. This is a bug that is being worked on*

If you would like to disable both of them, you can toggle the Bug & Clock button by tapping it once.

If you would like manual control, you can press and hold the keys button and then use another finger to select where to move the key (either top or bottom position) or enable / disable separate of the other.

*Keep in mind, if you enable one but disable the other, the Bug & Clock button acts as a reverse toggle. One will be enabled while the other disabled. You will need to enable or disable one to have them start in the same state if you choose to use the combo button.*

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