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This document discusses the proper Premiere settings for student packages for the Broadcast Journalism Reporting Texas program.  If these settings are not used, videos will not play-to-air properly.

RECOMMENDED make and work with Proxies you don't have to but sometimes the files

won't play back 

Adobe Premiere Pro - Make and work with Proxies in Premiere
Open Premiere
If you need a refresher on how to start a project refer to this wikiAdobe Premiere Pro - Get Started Using Premiere - Project Setup

Create a new timeline/sequence by clicking on the new item icon

Choose "Sequence..."

Choose "Canon XF MPEG2 > 1080p > 24 > Canon XF MPEG2 1080p24

The Editing Mode will be 1920 x 1080 at 23.98

Name your timeline/sequence

Click OK

Your project window should look like this

Now Save your Project

>Got to >File > Save As

Navigate to your hard drive and save your Premiere Project

Now import your footage

Right click in your Bin and choose >File>Import

Navigate to your card archive that you backed up to your hard drive.

If you are still working off your SD card stop right now and backup your card to a 

hard drive see this wiki

Click Here for backup instructions - VERY IMPORTANT!!

Canon footage you will get this error it's okay to ignore it and click OK


If you proceed to edit without following the next step, your audio may not work correctly!

Select all of your imported footage

From the clip menu choose "Modify > Audio Channels..."


Press Shift + G

Select "Mono" from the "Clip Channel Format" drop down
Set the "Number of Audio Clips:" to 2

Route your audio

Click OK

Drag you clips into the timeline
If you get this warning, choose "Keep existing settings"