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This workflow shows how to export IPhone HDR - HLG is an HDR format that IPhone records when HDR is turned on the phone

Go to Export Tab


>Match Sequence preview settings

This menu title your file that you are exporting

Click the blue letters next to "Location" that will open up the dialog to allow you to choose

the location to save your file

Navigate to your hard drive and title the file

Click Save

Check to make sure that the Source Range is set to

Entire Sequence

Choose Export

After the file exports it will be a large ProRes file that is usable for delivery but to upload to 

YouTube or the web you need to compres it

Open Quicktime Player

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Open the file you just exported

>File > Open File

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Then Choose > Export As > 1080 or 720

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Choose where to save the file

And also choose to save the file as "Greater Compatibility H.264"

Title the file and click > Save

This will make a file that looks correct and can be uploaded to the web.

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