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On the DVD duplication tower, the front panel should display ‘1. COPY’ before starting.

If display is different, use the key panel to arrow up or down until the display is correct.

Insert original CD/DVD into top drive bay labeled 'SOURCE'.

Insert blank CD/DVD(s) in any drive bay (up to 5 total) beneath the top one.  
NOTE: The unit will start copying automatically once the first blank CD/DVD is loaded. Have all of your blank media ready to load before copying.

Close all drive bays.  The readout will display the progress of your media duplication.


Most commercial DVD’s have copy protection embedded on them and will not be able to be copied in the duplicator. Screen will display “Warning: Can’t DVD (CSS). Press ESC to get back to COPY mode.

If this happens while you are attempting to copy a DVD, the single DVD duplicator directly above is specifically built to bypass copy-protection.  Use this unit to create a duplicate.