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  • Once class begins, make sure that your webcam is on to engage with the instructor and your classmates. You may use a virtual background if you prefer, instructions are below under "Using Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom Meetings"
    • ACTION: Please add a professional photo of yourself for your Zoom profile picture. This photo will be visible during class sessions
  • After you join a meeting click the "Participants" and "Chat" buttons on the bottom control bar. These will open windows that allow you to access nonverbal icons for responding to an Instructor's questions and the class chat
  • Polling questions may be presented during class. NOTE: Students must be signed into Zoom with their licensed UT Zoom account to participate in polls. Please visit How do I Make Sure That I'm Using My UT Zoom Account in the Troubleshooting section of the student Zoom wiki if you cannot see polls in class
  • Your microphone will be automatically muted when you join a class
  • When your instructor asks a question, use the nonverbal icons to answer. In the "Participants" window you may access "raise hand," "yes/no" and thumbs up/down (available after clicking the "more" button) Please see the illustrations below:

    NOTE: If you don't see these features in the Participant window it's likely that you are logged in with a non-UT Zoom account.  Please refer to How Do I Delete my Free Zoom Account for steps on terminating your free account. Here are instructions for Getting Started With Zoom and for Making Sure You Are Logged In With Your UT Zoom Account

  • You may be placed in video breakout rooms with a subset of your classmates assigned either randomly or pre-defined by your instructor based on group assignments. Note: You must be signed in to Zoom with your UT Zoom account to participate in Breakout Rooms. Preassigned break out rooms will not work if students enter a class late. If this is the case, the professor must leave the room and come back and reassign the breakout rooms. Please be considerate and join your class on time.

  • When someone in a class is screen-sharing, you may encounter disruptions in the audio or video. If you experience audio or video problems, check out these "Internet Connection Tips".
  • Chat during class should be used for lecture topics or requesting help. Please do not use this for posting non-class related material.
  • TA support will help students that post questions in the Chat window and answer content questions after class, help monitor nonverbal feedback (ie. "raise hands") and keep the class muted to minimize distractions


  • Make sure you’re using the Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop computer. Tablet and phone support is not available
  • Make sure your computer is plugged into a power outlet and not running on battery
  • Make sure your Proctorio Chrome Extension access setting is “on all sites” before taking quiz.  You can turn this off after you complete the quiz or exam. 
  • Before These tips can reduce issues with Proctorio’s camera check of your webcam and mic that runs at the start. Before starting the quiz make
    • Make sure you’re in a room that is quiet with good lighting with no glare
    .  Also make
    • Make sure your face is close enough to your camera and not too far away
    .  These tips can reduce issues with Proctorio’s test of your webcam and mic.
    • If you are wearing glasses you may need to remove them during the camera check that runs at the start
  • When Proctorio runs its test of your hardware, if the webcam or microphone tests fail it’s likely an issue with your computer or browser so:
    • First, try the links they provide to trouble shoot your issues.  This fixes the issue for some
    • If that doesn’t help, use the Live Chat feature to talk to someone at Proctorio to resolve your issue.  Do not ignore this option because Proctorio Support is experienced in resolving issues
  • If you get an alert that your computer is lacking RAM and could crash, still attempt to take the quiz or exam. 
  • If you’re still having issues, try rebooting your computer and reopening the quiz/exam


Using Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom Meetings

The virtual background feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting. Please visit this Zoom article on virtual backgrounds for more information:

There are McCombs and UT-related images that may be used as virtual backgrounds available at Zoom Backgrounds on the Communications wiki


For all other UT students, please contact your respective college or school