Network Printers

Connect to the printers by making a TCP/IP connection. Directions and IP addresses of printers are at
Contact for copy codes (without a copy code you will be restricted to black and white printing only).

If you are on a computer that is a member of the domain, these printers and drivers will be automatically installed:

Ricoh MP-C3003 (located in 1.108, 4.202, and 5.202): copy, print, scan, and fax color and black and white
Ricoh MP-6001 (3.308AG): copy, print, and scan black and white only high speed, high capacity jobs

Color copies and printing should be used sparingly as it comes at a cost of 4 cents per page for color print jobs. Billing is on a per job basis so a 200 page color print job with only 3 color pages is charged as 200 pages.