Trailhead: Salesforce Training

Trailhead provides a guided, learning path through the key features of Salesforce, using a set of interactive, online tutorials.

Let's get started!

There are a wealth of resources to learn Salesforce. Not everything applies to everyone. Here's a list of courses that we are focusing in on for CII, We will work with every staff member to make sure they take the courses they need to learn how to be effective in Salesforce.  Have fun and feel free to take whatever interests you in addition, however, even if it isn't part of your CII training plan.

Learn Salesforce with Trailhead

35 minutes,  1000 points

It is composed of two modules:

Audience: Everybody on CII staff

Sell Lightning Fast with Sales Cloud

4 hr 25 minutes,  3400 points

Note:  This is a really great module that provides overview of Salesforce.  One thing for CII staff to note is that we don't use Leads. We just create all new people records as Contacts, (and don't do Lead Generation).

Audience: Recommended for all Staff. Required for all staff who manage accounts and contacts.

Sales Cloud: Quick Look

40 minutes, 400 points

Audience: This is an executive level course. All SR staff should take this course. 

Sales and Service: the Perfect Power Couple

Far too often, sales and service function separately within organizations. Sales brings in new customers and hands them off to service teams, with little-to-no communication or follow-up between the two departments.

If It’s Not in Salesforce: It Doesn’t Exist

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is a mantra for sales leaders for good reason. When you can accurately measure performance, you can double down on what works best and pull back on what doesn’t.

Duplicate Records Management

45 minutes, 600 points

Training / Implementation Note:  CII staff should take this course to understand how duplicate records management works in Salesforce. From there, CII will refine the settings based on feedback and agreement amongst the staff.

Audience: All staff who will regularly add contacts and accounts.

Training Format:  90 minute class sessions to be scheduled - take class together and discuss.

Salesforce Platform Basics

50 minutes, 900 points

Note: This module demonstrates tips to make Salesforce work with CII's business. One thing for CII staff to remember is that CII doesn't use Leads. We just create all new people records as Contacts.

Audience: Admins and others interested in finding out how to tweak Salesforce to work better for you. Find out several tweaks that don't require development experience. CII launches these tweaks through a sandbox development site. You can work with IST to implement your great ideas.

Training Format:  Take this one on your own if you are interested! It's pretty good!

Premier Success Plans

40 minutes, 300 points

Learn what the Premier Success Plans have to offer. CII's got it, let's use it to our advantage.

Audience:  All of the Information Services Team + any one else who wants to know.

Salesforce Success Cloud Basics

40 minutes, 200 points

Learn how the Salesforce Success Cloud can help you and CII achieve our goals.

Audience: Recommended for all staff who will regularly use Salesforce.

Work with Opportunities in the Kanban View

10 minutes, 100 points

The Opportunity Kanban is a visual summary of all the opportunities for a particular sales path.

By seeing all opportunities at once, CII staff who manage member dues and subscriptions, as well as other sales, can keep deals moving forward so that Stephen and the ADs can effectively monitor the pipeline and ensure everyone’s staying on course.

Audience: Everyone at CII who needs to report on revenue. Whether it is from member dues, subscribers or other revenue, staff will benefit from this quick how-to on filter and view reports on revenue received as well as in the pipeline.

Elevate Your Daily Productivity

10 minutes, 100 pts

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Kick off global actions and work with docked composers.
  • Identify new features on the Home page.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts.

Audience: Super quick review about getting around in Salesforce. Beginners.

Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience

1 hour, 55 minutes, 1600 points

Visualize key business metrics in real-time using Lightning Experience.

Audience: Beginner course on reporting, recommended for all staff who will regularly use Salesforce.

Innovate the Salesforce Way

4 hours, 20 minutes, 1500 pts

Learn methods to transform your customer experience and foster innovation at your company.

Audience: Anyone with passion to make Salesforce even better! Work with the Information Services team