Laptop Requirements and Tech Support

Digital Literacy & Equity: Our Laptop Requirement for the PDS (2024-25)

Digital literacy is a key theme woven across the PDS. You will learn about and with different technologies, tools, and literacies that will become part of your practice as a teacher. To ensure each of you has an equitable opportunity to learn in this area, we require you to have a laptop that meets the minimum requirements to take full advantage of learning activities*.

Who needs a laptop?

Students entering the Professional Development Sequence (PDS) in the following teacher certification areas are required to have a laptop:

  • EC-6 ESL
  • EC-6 ESL Bilingual
  • Special Education
  • Urban Teachers (UTUT)
  • UTeach Fine Arts

Which laptop do I need?

You may use a Mac or Windows laptop, as long as it meets the following specifications. Chromebooks do not meet the requirement.

Minimum Specifications

  • 8 GB memory
  • 256 GB hard drive space
  • Apple: macOS Monterey
  • Windows: Windows 11

Will an iPad or similar tablet meet the requirement?

iPads do not meet the requirement; they lack a physical keyboard, and mobile operating systems do not work well with some online learning tools. 

Where should I buy a laptop?

You may purchase a laptop from the vendor of your choice. The Campus Computer Store and manufacturers such as Apple and Dell offer discounts for students.

What will I do with my laptop?

Digital learning is embedded courses and in targeted digital literacy activities throughout the PDS.

For more details, go to:

Where can I go for help?

* Because the requirement is in place, cost will be included in your financial aid package from the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Visit Texas One Stop (https://onestop.utexas.eduwith questions or for more information.