Issues/Concerns - Your Chain of Support

Educator Preparation Program Fieldwork Chain of Support

The University of Texas at Austin’s Educator Preparation Program leaders are here to support you.

As a preservice teacher, you are to first work with your cooperating teacher to resolve any classroom experience issues or concerns.  If a solution cannot be found, reach out to your Field Supervisor. Field Supervisors are experienced professionals, and their job is to support your growth.  Then, if further discussions are needed to resolve the issue, the Field Supervisor can inform the Cohort Coordinator who will help work toward a solution. There are others in the chain of support to assist you as well, such as the Director of Education Services and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.  This is a team, ready to support you.

Formal Written Program Complaint with Texas Education Agency

UT’s Teacher Preparation Program hopes we can address and resolve any issues or complaints that may arise.  In the event you feel you need additional support, formal written program complaints can be submitted to Texas Education Agency (TEA) at .