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This is the home of the Core NGS Tools course, June 2024, at 

This workshop provides an introduction to common analysis tools and file formats currently used in NGS, with emphasis on quality assessment and manipulation of raw NGS sequences (FastQC, cutadapt), read mapping (bwa, bowtie2), the Sequence Alignment Map (SAM) format, and tools for manipulating BAM files (samtools, bedtools). Participants will gain hands-on experience using these and other NGS tools in the Linux command line environment at TACC, as well as exposure to the many bioinformatics resources TACC makes available.

  • For online attendees, the Zoom URL is:
  • There will be a short break each day around 10:30am
  • We will provide access to recordings of each day's materials after the course is over
  • Your TACC account will remain on our class TACC project allocation through June 30, 2024


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