Enabling BeyondTrust on Apple Computers

What is BeyondTrust?

LAITS uses a program called BeyondTrust (formerly known as Bomgar) to provide remote support to computers.

BeyondTrust is an application that allows support staff to remotely access a user’s computer while following industry-standard protocols to prevent unauthorized access. In particular, LAITS uses BeyondTrust as our remote support tool as it provides central logging of our support technicians' access to our customers computers.

Enabling BeyondTrust

If you've received a new Apple computer from LAITS or have had an Apple computer reimaged by LAITS, since March 2020, BeyondTrust is already enabled on your computer with the appropriate permissions.

However, if you have recently upgraded your the operating system on your Apple computer, MacOS, from an earlier version, such as Yosemite, Sierra, or High Sierra, to MacOS Mojave or MacOS Catalina, BeyondTrust will require you to manually grant it some permissions in order to run properly.

To grant these permissions:

  1. Launch "System Preferences"
  2. Navigate to "Security & Privacy"
  3. Click on the "Privacy" tab
  4. In the list of permissions on the left-hand side of the window, scroll to and click on "Screen Recording"
  5. In the list of applications on the right-hand side of the window, ensure “Remote Support Customer Client” is checked
LAITS chose Beyond Trust because of its adherence to industry-standard Privileged Access Management controls. Specifically, the software limits access only to a limited set of users, and creates a log of any remote access to computers. LAITS' policy is to prohibit remote access to a customer’s machine when the user is logged in without getting their permission.