Add Email Account to Outlook Application

The images below reflect the setup process on the most recent version of Outlook on a Mac OS. On Windows, this process is a bit similar but the photos may not match. 
  1. Ensure you have signed up for an account. 
    1. You check if you have one if you login here:
      1. CHOOSE Outlook WebApp
    2. Once you have your account provisioned (takes up to 2 hours) you can add this email account to your Outlook application.

  2. Open the Outlook Application/Program. 
    1. If you need to install it, you can submit a ticket to LAITS.

  3. The application may find your email account or you will enter it in.

  4. Once entered select Add and you will be prompted to enter in your UT Email or EID and PW.

  5. Next you will authenticate via DUO - If you do not have DUO you'll need to contact ITS here.

  6. The email account will be added successfully and your inbox should take a moment to download.

  7. Select Done.