Record a Microsoft Teams meeting

Note on Microsoft Teams

Before proceeding on this page please ensure that your device meets the hardware requirements and that you have already installed Microsoft Teams.

Once you are in a meeting you can record the meeting (video, audio, AND any screen sharing presentation) by following the instructions at this link. The site has pictures to help you follow along the process. The steps are copied down below for your convenience

  1. Start or Join the meeting
  2. Go to Meeting Controls and select More Options > Start Recording
  3. Everyone in the meeting is then notified that recording has started
  4. To stop recording, go to the meeting controls and select More Options > Stop Recording
  5. The recording is then processed (which could take a while) and saved to Microsoft Stream.
  6. The person who started the recording receives an email from Microsoft Stream when the recording is available. It also shows up in the meeting chat.
  7. You can then click the link to go to the file in Microsoft Stream, download the file, and upload it to Canvas if you wish. You may also have all participants navigate to the link from the meeting chat and view the recording themselves.

Only one person can record a meeting. If one person starts recording a meeting, no one else will be able to start a recording, and that recording will be stored on the cloud and available to all participants.