Access Shared Calendar via the Outlook Web App

Follow the process below to access a shared/resource calendar:

  1. Ensure you have already been granted permission to this shared calendar
    1. If you need to request initial permission to access a shared calendar, please contact LAITS
  2. Login to the Outlook Web App from
  3. In the toolbar along the top of the screen, click your Profile Icon in the upper-right corner

  4. Then click "Open another mailbox"

  5. When prompted, enter in the email address for the shared calendar and click "Open"

  6. The email inbox associated with the shared calendar will open in another tab in your browser

  7. In this new tab, click the calendar icon found in the toolbar in the bottom-left corner of your screen to view the shared calendar


If you do not have permission to access the shared resource you will receive an error page similar to the one below. 

Please contact LAITS for assistance with permissions for accessing a shared calendar.