Make Me Admin for Windows

Make Me Admin is a Windows application for granting temporary Admin Rights to a Standard User Account.  It provides a quick and easy way for regular users to run applications as an administrator or install updates for third party software without assistance from Desktop Support or requiring a permanent local admin account.  The application will be installed automatically, and available to re-install if necessary from the Software Center. Make Me Admin will grant Admin Rights for 10 minutes before automatically restoring the user account to a Standard User.

Working from a Standard User account without permanent Admin Rights provides an additional layer of security in line with industry recommended best practices, and Make Me Admin provides a solution without require users to maintain a secondary unique account.

Using Make Me Admin

When logged in with an EID as a standard user and Admin Rights are needed:

Launch Make Me Admin from the Windows Start Menu

Select "Grant Me Administrator Rights"

The Make Me Admin window will minimize to a small lock icon in the taskbar

A Windows Toast Notification will pop up in the notification area indicating Admin Rights have been granted.

After 10 minutes, Make Me Admin will automatically remove Admin Rights

Running an Application as Admin

Once Make Me Admin has granted Admin Rights, Windows will still default to running applications as a standard user. To use admin rights:

Right click on the desired application, and choose "Run as Admin" from the context menu

It will prompt for an admin username and password, Enter your Regular EID logon information.