SharePoint Enterprise Storage File and Teams Site Access


Where do I store files?

  • Files that are accessible to all members of your Team should be stored in the /Documents/General directory.
    • You may create any desired sub-directory structure within the General directory you would like.

How can I add SharePoint and Teams storage to MacOS Finder or Windows File Manager for easy access.

  • Direct file access is managed through the OneDrive app.
    • OneDrive should already be installed on any LAITS managed computer but if not, you can install it using the LAITS Self Service in MacOS or Software Center in Windows.
    • OneDrive can be installed on a personal computer by following this link:
  • In Teams, open the team/project that you would like to access in the MacOS Finder or Windows File Manager.
    • Click on the General section and then on the Files tab.
    • Click the Sync option and file syncing will be initiated.
  • Standard channels are added automatically to the same OneDrive access point that the General directory is contained within.

How can I store files that have limited access (not everyone in the team)?

  • Limiting access to files is done by creating a separate Team channel that is marked as private.
    • Click the ellipses to the right of the Team/Project name and choose "Add Channel".
      • You can then give the channel a name, description if needed, and indicate "Private" in the privacy section and click create.
      • Next, add the users that you want to be able to access the private channel.
  • If desired, private channels must be added to OneDrive individually by clicking on the private channel, the Files tab, then on Sync.

Adding user permissions for SharePoint storage and teams site:

  • Adding users to your SharePoint site is done through Teams.  Either using the Teams application or by logging in to (Both work the same way)
    • Click the ellipsis to the right of your Teams project name and select "Manage Team"
  • Adding Faculty, Staff, and Students
    • All currently affiliated faculty, staff, and students should be searchable my name or EID.  Type their name or EID into the box and and select them to be added.
    • Please ensure the PI and "COLAITS-Teams-Owners" group remain "Owners" of the site.
  • Adding non-EID collaborators.
    • Users that need access to your site that are not currently affiliated with UT can be added by entering their email address.
    • When you add an unaffiliated user by email address they will receive an email to set up an account to access the SharePoint/Teams site.