Adobe Acrobat Pro Downloads & Serial Numbers

Getting the Serial Number & Installer for an Acrobat Pro 2020 Install

Department Buyers purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro from the Campus Computer Store.

When the Adobe licensing order has been processed the Purchaser will get an email from Adobe Volume Licensing

The order number is listed in the email

To access your software, you can visit the Adobe Licensing website (LWS).

At this page, select Licenses on the grey menu bar, then Obtain License Certificates, enter an Adobe Order Number, select Search.

At the bottom left of the Obtain License Certificates page, look for the link "Certifcate #"

This is an option to have Adobe send an email with the License Certificate which lists the Serial Number

You can also view & copy the serial number instead of requesting an emailed License Certificate.

This page also gives us the Deploy To ID that can be used to retrieve the Serial Number and downloads

Serial numbers for Windows & Mac Installs

In this example the Customer's Deploy to ID shows they have purchased

Download Install file for Windows & Mac - Acrobat Professional 20.0