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Who we are

Computer services are provided by several different groups

  • Our tech support group provides computer support for faculty, staff, and students and also maintains our labs
  • Our infrastructure team is responsible for McCombs servers, networking and security and for liasing with central IT services that main these services at the university level
  • Our MIST application development develops on;ioen applications for use by the college
  • We also work with Media Services who miantain physical classroom support and virtual classroom support

Where we are and how to contact us

The public Service Desk for both Media Services and Computer Services can be found at GSB 3.132 next to the Copy Center

If you need to request Technical Support, the easiest option is to use our online help request form, or to call Tech Support at 232-6616 for urgent matters.

To contacts Media Services please visit their wiki page.

Wiki FAQ

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What information is in the Wiki?

Currently the information contained in the McCombs wiki is limited to technology related topics that serve as a support resource to McCombs students, faculty and staff.

What topics can be covered in the Tech Wiki?

The purpose of the McCombs Tech Wiki is to be the first line of support for technical issues. The Tech Wiki primarily should contain technical support articles. This includes:

  • McCombs specific applications
  • Hardware questions
  • Commercial software that is supported by McCombs
  • Facilities that are supported by McCombs Computer Services

Who maintains the Tech Wiki?

New articles and additions to previous articles are written by Computer Services.

Is there a topic you'd like to see covered on the wiki?

Let us know by submitting a support ticket.