McCombs App Stream

The McCombs School of Business offers virtual application streaming for some applications that would ordinarily be available to students only on McCombs lab computers. It is not intended as a replacement for running software that students can install on their own computer or local VM. For more information about running a local VM, please see Installing OVA files using VirtualBox.

The App Stream runs in Amazon Web Service, but it is published as an Office 365 online application. Below are the steps required to use this service.

1. Claim a UT Office 365 account

An Office 365 logon is required to access McCombs published App Stream. An Office 365 account also features a OneDrive which is useful for moving files into and out of the virtual application's desktop. If you do not already have an Office 365 account, then you can claim one at

2. Access the App Stream interface

The App Stream is published as an Office 365 application..

a. First, login to the "Office 365 Portal" at

b. Then click the "All Apps" icon in the lower left corner of the Office 365 landing page.


c. You will find "MSB AppStream" under the All apps group. Click MSB AppStream to be taken to the McCombs App Stream interface. You can also search for "MSB AppStream" in the search bar if you do not see it.

3. Select the App Stream you wish to use

a. The app stream interface will present icons to launch the applications or desktops currently available to you. Click the one you wish to use.

b. When you click a selection, you will be prompted to log in to the streamed application or desktop with your Office 365 login and password.

4. Set up OneDrive integration on first use

You should set up OneDrive integration the first time you access the App Stream service. This will make it easier to move files into and out of the virtual desktop from then on.

a. The streamed application or desktop will show up within you web browser with a streaming application bar at the top. Click the "My Files" icon (third from left)

b. Click "Add Storage", and then select the the UT email domain of your UT Office 365 email address (only one email domain should be listed anyway).

c. At the Office 365 login screen click your UT Office 365 email address.

d. OneDrive should now show up as as a storage location under My Files each time you log into App Stream from now on.

e. OneDrive will also show up as a location in application windows for opening and saving files. It is possible you may still be prompted at times to sign in to OneDrive. If so, just re-enter your Office 265 logon.

f. For more information about using OneDrive please visit