Production Approval Process

All student film productions must upload a signed Production Approval Form at least two business days prior to equipment checkout.  
***Productions without signed and uploaded approval forms will not be cleared to pick up equipment***  

Step 1. Fill out a Production Approval Form

Step 2. Email a copy to equipment checkout( so they can create your project. You may reserve equipment.

Step 3. Send your shooting script and completed Production Approval Form to your faculty advisor/instructor to schedule a Pre-Production Meeting.  

Step 4. Take a printed copy of the completed Production Approval Form to your Pre-Production Meeting and discuss your production plan. 

Step 5. Both you and your instructor should sign the Production Approval Form at the end of your Pre-Production Meeting. If your instructor answers NO to question 20, skip to Step 7. If your instructor answers YES, continue to Step 6. 

Step 6. Send your script and production plan to Drew Saplin to schedule a Safety Meeting. You will need his signature on page 2 of the Production Approval Form. 

Step 7. Scan the signed form and save it with the filename: yyyymmdd_PAF_LastnameFirstname (Note: yyyymmdd = equipment pick-up date).

Step 8. Upload the completed and signed Production Approval Form to the appropriate folder hyperlinked below:

RTF 340 Music Video

RTF 343 Adv Narrative

RTF 343 Adv Doc

RTF 343 TV Pilots

RTF 366K Narrative Production

RTF 366K Social Media Production

RTF 366K Documentary Production

RTF 366k Latinx Filmmaking

RTF 366K East Austin Stories

RTF 368S UG Thesis

RTF 881KA Grad Doc

RTF 881KB Grad Narrative

RTF 488M Grad Pre-Thesis

RTF 488M Grad Thesis

***Production Approval Process must be completed at least two business days before your equipment check-out or your reservation will be canceled ***