Missing RRender Pulldown in 3DS Max

Missing RRender Pulldown in 3DS Max?
In 3DS Max:

  1. Select the "Customize" pulldown
  2. Select "Customize User Interface
  3. Select the "Menus" tab, then "New".

  4. Enter RRender as the pulldown name.
  5. Select "RRender" from the Menus selection at the bottom left corner of the window.
  6. Drag & Drop the RRender menu from left to right to place it between "Customize" and "MAXScript"
  7. Select the category "RoyalRender" on the left side.
  8. Drag n drop the "Submit scene to Server" and "Submit scene with RP-Manager passes" commands into the newly made RRender menu on the right.
  9. Select the X at the top right to close out of the Customize window.
  10. You should now have a RRender pulldown in the main menu of 3DS Max.
    1. After you have opened your scene, you can start the submitter via the main menu in Max.

    2. If you have a default max scene, use the "Submit Scene" menu item.

    3. If you are using the 3rd party plugin RP-manager, please use the second menu item.