TransCAD Licensing

This method of licensing TransCAD will tie the USB key & serial number to that specific computer.

NOTE: The USB key does not contain the Transcad 7.0 software for installation. This is only a licensing USB dongle. To install and/or run the software, the USB licensing dongle needs to be plugged into your computer at all times. 

If you haven't already downloaded the software, you must first map the network drive to this address: \\\TransCAD-Student. Instructions for this process can be found at the bottom of this page: Software Downloads

To allow TransCAD to work with the USB keys:

  1. Run the Transcad 7.0 AutoRunTranscad.exe installer file  
  2. Specify your name, company (UT), and email address 
  3. Enter the serial number on the USB that you have signed out from the Tech Lab 
  4. Select the "find key" button at the USB license dongle window
  5. Select "Request Authentication from Caliper"
  6. Submit request over the Internet
  7. If all goes well, the registration has been sent to Caliper and you will need to wait for a response from Caliper to your email 
  8. Note: Caliper may take up to 24 hours to respond 
  9. Once you receive a response, use the authorization code to register Transcad on your laptop 

NOTE: Caliper will only process the requests during normal business hours.

What has occurred in the past was each time a student checked out the USB key, or a USB was used in the computer classrooms, a new email registration request was sent in to Caliper to allow that USB key to be used during that time for TransCAD. This allowed the software to work, but also cause a great deal of confusion. Caliper provides documentation on moving or reauthorizing the Hardware Key here: AND will process the requests during normal business hours.