Zoom - Scheduling a Meeting

LAITS also has a guide for this process.

Scheduling the Meeting via the Desktop App

  • Launch Zoom
  • Click the Schedule button on the Home screen
  • The Schedule Meeting window will open

  • Update the Topic of the Meeting
    • Set the time and date details
  • Always Generate the Meeting ID Automatically
  • Check Only authenticated users can join
    • Important: Use the dropdown menu to select Sign in to Zoom
    • If you skip this step, the default is UT-only, so any planned visitors can't log into the Meeting
  • For Video, turn both Host and Participants off by default. Video can be turned on by users afterward.
  • For Audio, select Telephone and Computer Audio
    • This allows more attendance options for anyone traveling that would otherwise be unable to attend
  • Leave Calendar on Outlook

Zoom Schedule

  • Expand the Advanced options
    • Select your preferences
    • We recommend muting participants upon entry
    • Leave 'allow participant share' disabled, un
    • For more information about Recording your Meetings, please visit Recording a Meeting
    • If you have a TA or another user helping with the meeting, you can assign them as an Alternative host
      • Alternative hosts must be entered in the "EID e-mail" format (example: TheirEID@eid.utexas.edu)
  • Click Save

Zoom Advanced

  • The Meeting invite will open in an Outlook window
    • Add Attendee's email addresses in the To field and then Send
    • The first two highlighted items are the Meeting URL, they are a quick way for an Attendee to launch the Desktop App and automatically join your Meeting
    • The third highlighted item is the Meeting ID. This is entered into the matching field in the Desktop App's Join window
    • When viewing the invite on a mobile device, Attendees can click on the One tap mobile shortcuts or the Dial by your location numbers

  • There are two ways to access the invite information within the Desktop App
  • You can access this information by clicking on the Meeting title
    • This will open the Meetings tab and display details about the Meeting
    • Click either the Copy Invitation button or Show Meeting Invitation if you need to view the information

  • On the scheduled day of the meeting, go to the Home screen and click the ellipses next to the Meeting title
    • Click Copy Invitation

You are now ready to Host a Meeting!