Zoom - Recording a Meeting

LAITS also has a guide for this process.

We recommend that you always record to the Cloud. This ensures that the recorded data isn't lost on a local drive, especially on a shared computer. Shared computers on campus wipe user account data after logging out.


Log into the Web Portal

  • https://utexas.zoom.us/
  • Click Sign In “Configure Your Account”
    • Use your EID credentials to log in
  • Click Settings
    • Click Recording

Zoom Settings menu

Enabling Recording

  • Ensure that the slider next to Local Recording is on
    • If you need the option to save to your local hard drive instead of the cloud
  • Ensure that the slider next to Cloud Recording is on
    • This records to the cloud instead of taking up storage space on your computer
  • Under Cloud recording settings, check any boxes that reflect your recording preferences

  • The next three screenshots reflect all of the more advanced Recording settings available for your meetings.

Configuring Desktop App Settings

  • If you will be recording to your local storage drive, open the Zoom Desktop App
    • We recommend always recording to the Cloud
    • Never record to the local disk on a shared computer
  • Navigate to Settings, then Recording
    • The default location will be in your User folder

In the Meeting

  • At the top of the screen you'll see the Recording controls and the meeting duration
    • From this toolbar you can start, pause, or stop the Recording

  • When the Attendees enter the Meeting, you can enable a notification about the Recording so that the Attendees can consent
  • Ending the Meeting will end the Recording
  • If you need to end the Recording before the Meeting ends, click the stop button in the Recording controls
  • Zoom will ask to confirm if you want to stop Recording
  • Click Yes

You are now ready to use Canvas with Zoom!

Not using Canvas with Zoom? Skip ahead to learn how to Livestream a Meeting!