How to Perform the Netfabb Test

To ensure the integrity of your STLs, they each must be repaired individually within Netfabb. These directions are written with the Raise3D printers in mind.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Launch Netfabb

  2. Select the Raise3D Pro3

    1. If your STL is greater than 300mm in any direction, select the Raise3D Pro3 Plus

    2. Click "Open"

  3. The build volume for the Raise3D printer will appear

  4. Click "File" & "Add Part"

  5. Select your STL file

  6. Set the tessellation level to Medium accuracy

  7. Check the Automatic Part Repair box

  8. Set to Extended repair

      1. Automatic Part Repair must be checked with Extended Repair selected

      2. You must provide a screenshot of this step for each file

        • If you change your original file in any way after you run the repair in Netfabb, you need to run it through again

  9. Click Add Parts

  10. Visually inspect your model to check for any unintended changes made by the automatic repair

  11. Click File, then Export project to STL

  12. Click Save

    1. This is the STL file you will use for your Idea File

  13. Now you're ready to learn How to Create an Idea File

    1. If you haven't yet, learn How to Install ideaMaker