How to Request an Item Checkout Exception

Due to lengthy repair or shipping processes, students who are otherwise complying with the laptop policy may require a loaner workstation for longer than the maximum 24 hours. These students require approval from TRIG to be granted an exception to the 24-hour maximum reservation length. Once approved, there is a weekly cycle of updates and extensions until there is no longer a need or until the process isn't followed.

Step-by-step guide

You must follow the steps below to request approval if you need the loaner workstation (or other electronic equipment) for longer than one day.

  1. Send a message to TRIG (, and copy the Tech Desk ( 
  2. Let us know that you're requesting an exception
  3. Include details regarding your situation
  4. Once the request is submitted to TRIG
    1. We will evaluate your situation and make a decision
    2. If we deny your request, we will respond with our reasoning
    3. If we approve your request, we will respond with directions to follow in order to maintain the exception
  5. If approved, the Tech Desk will be responsible for extending your reservation so long as you're complying with the exception process