Scanning Station

  1. Log-Into the Adjacent Workstation Using Your EID
  2.  Place the Document on the Scanner Bed
    Place your document face-side down. If transparent, use a white piece of paper to place on top of the page.
  3.  Click the Scan button on the Scanner
    Once your document is in the scanner press the scan button located on the scanner.
  4. Epson Expression Program should automatically launch on the workstation computer
    Epson Scan is the software that works with the scanner to specify your scan's size, quality, and color. Launch the program after pressing the scanner button if it does not launch automatically.
  5.  Specify Saving Location
    Once Epson Scan has launched select the size, color and saved location for the scan. To specify where you would like your document to be saved press the folder icon on the bottom right hand corner with the image on it.
  6. Once in the "File Save Settings" select either My Documents, Pictures, or Other (Desktop, USB) for your file location. Then select what format you would like the file to be. 
  7. Log Out of the workstation and Remove your Documents from Scanner when Finished