CNC Troubleshooting | Router | Resuming a stopped job


This guide is intended to be used to start a job  that was inadvertently terminated.
A Job may stop or fault for a variety of reasons. The '-- Unexpected Output Fault ! --' error is caused by a miss-step in communications from the workstation to the Shoptbot controls.


If you receive a '-- Unexpected Output Fault ! --' error, make sure to note down the line number in the 'Current Line' box.

  1. Enter command 'FG' to resume a job at a specified line in the code
    1. Click 'Setup a Re-start of this file'
    2. Enter your desired starting point in the 'Line Number' box
    3. Click 'GO' and allow the ShopBot to move to the desired start position
  2. Click 'Run from Here'
  3. The ShopBot will notify you to turn on the spindle by pressing the green 'start' button (right side of ShopBot pendent)
  4. Verify VISUALLY that the bit is now rotating in the spindle
  5. Click 'Yes/OK' while keeping your hand near the red EMERGENCY STOP button while the operation starts