How to Print to UT Print Via the Web

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to MyPrintCenter ( using your EID and password.
    • Note: MyPrintCenter web submission requires access to the UT network – either by being on campus or via a VPN connection.
  2. Then use the Upload button to select the document you want to print. (MyPrintCenter accepts files up 50MB)
  3. Once uploaded, you can go to any UTprint release station.
  4. Swipe your ID or log in with your EID and password.
  5. Select your job from the print queue that appears and click on the Print button.

You can change the following printing options at MyPrintCenter

  • Black & White to Color or vice versa
  • Single-sided to Double-sided or vice versa
  • Number of pages per side (1 page or 2 pages per side)
  • Number of copies
  • Page range

Supported File Formats

  • Microsoft Office documents: Word, Excel and PowerPoint (.doc,.dot,.docx,.rtf,.eml,.xls,.xlt,.xlsx,.csv,.ppt,.pptx,.pptm)
  • Image files (.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp)
  • Text file (.txt)
  • PDF documents (.pdf)
  • Limited HTML: HTML is supported as part of the email body itself, but HTML links or attachments are not supported for security reasons.

Having Trouble Printing?

Here are a couple of workarounds if the method above isn't working:

  1. Submit your document via one of the methods described and release your prints at a non-SOA printer (the FAC is the closest option).
  2. Make sure you have a BevoPay account (you do not have to add money to it and can still pay for printing using library funds, just accept the agreement here), and print your documents to UT Print using the drivers method above. Once installed, these drivers will act like a printer connected to your computer. After printing, it will request your EID, password, and for you to confirm the charge. You can then release the print from any UT Print station, including those at the SOA.

Note: Both MyPrintCenter web submission and driver submission require access to the UT network – either by being on campus or via a VPN connection.

Faculty & Staff should print via the LAITS print server. SOA Faculty & Staff printers should be automatically added to your computer. Please call LAITS at 512-471-5000 if they aren't in your Printers list.