Installing Fusion 360


Fusion 360 by Autodesk is a powerful tool that integrates 3D modeling with CAM software (computer aided manufacturing), allowing students to manufacture their designs quickly and easily.

Due to its vast feature set and free price tag, Fusion 360 is the favorite choice of many modern makers. For inspiration and tutorials to see what Fusion 360 can do, check it out on YouTube.

Fusion 360 is free to learners and educators affiliated with the school. Using a .edu email address you may request a license from Autodesk Educational free of charge.

Installing Fusion 360 

  1. Navigate to the Autodesk Education download page.

  2. In the box that says "Fusion 360" click "Get Started"

  3. Log in with your Autodesk account

  4. Select your Institution and fill out the required information as prompted and click "verify"

  5. You should see a banner that reads "You're verified!". Click on the button that says "GET AUTODESK SOFTWARE"

  6. You should be back to the page that lists all of the Autodesk products you can download. Click "Get Product" under Fusion 360

  7. Click "Access"

  8. The file "Fusion 360 Client Downloader.exe" should begin downloading. Once it is finished, launch it and follow the instructions.