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Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA) 2023 Annual Meeting

IGeLU/ELUNA Linked Open Data Community of Practice and Working Group

Focuses on linked data in ExLibris products, hosts community meetings, and maintains a page of resources.


Jackie Shieh, A Triangular Connection Libraries' Wikidata projects on names, collections and users, 2022 Smithsonian Digitization Conference, 3/23/2022

Jackie Shieh,  "Morphing the authority control", 2020 LD4 Conference, 07/09/2020

Implementing Linked Library Data, a NISO (National Information Standards Organization) webinar, November 13, 2019: 

"A Sinopia, Marva and Alma Linked Data Implementation” webinar, hosted by the IGeLU/ELUNA Linked Open Data Community of Practice Working Groupon January 12, 2023.


"Archival description and linked data: a preliminary study of opportunities and implementation challenges" By Karen F. Gracy ( DOI:10.1007/s10502-014-9216-2)

Why Linked Data -

Linked data for libraries -

UCLA Semantic Web and Linked Data Research Guide - 

Drupal Introduction to RDF -

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