TACC Services for CNS Faculty

The Texas Advanced Computing Center, or TACC, offers training, consulting, and resources to faculty and researchers of The University of Texas at Austin. These resources include storage (high-performance storage on Corral, archival storage on Ranch, and the Hadoop cluster Rustler) as well as time on high-performance compute clusters Stampede2 and Lonestar5, the scientific visualization cluster Maverick2, the data analytics cluster Wrangler, and the secure/compliant computing data (HIPAA/FISMA compliant data) Hikari.

If you are PI-eligible (that is, if you have a Ph.D.) getting started is as easy as Creating a TACC Account and requesting an allocation at the TACC user portal at https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu.

Here is an illustrated step-by-step guide for requesting an allocation on the TACC user portal: https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu/documents/13601/1076403/TACC+Allocation+Request+Guide.pdf

Most of the training that TACC offers is free, is hands-on, and can be taken either on-site or by webcast. The focus of the training is to teach attendees how to use TACC resources. The training is offered in single-topic blocks over the fall and spring semesters, or combined into a single weeklong bootcamp offered in the summer.

View the official TACC User guides at https://www.tacc.utexas.edu/user-services/user-guides.

View TACC  Training Courses at https://www.tacc.utexas.edu/user-services/training

See what software is already installed at http://www.tacc.utexas.edu/resources/software.

Stuck with a TACC specific error or need a specific tool installed on TACC? Submit a ticket to TACC consulting at https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu/tacc-consulting

Check the status of TACC resources on the TACC System Monitor at https://portal.tacc.utexas.edu/system-monitor.

See the technical specs of the TACC systems at http://www.tacc.utexas.edu/resources.