Employee Off Boarding Process

Thank you for submitting a ticket for an exiting employee, please see below on what needs to be done before the employee leaves. If you have not submitted a request for the exiting employee yet, please use this form.


These items must be completed before the employee's last day as some items will require the Information Security Office and UT legal to be pulled in if these steps have to be performed after the employee leaves.

Exiting Employee/Manager's Responsibility

  1. Employee/Manager: Share all the needed files to the manager via UT Box. It is recommended the manager create a folder on box and have the employee move files into it to ensure the manager has full owner access after the employee leaves.
    1. If you need assistance transferring files let us know ASAP, we cannot grant access to the entire profile unless the exiting employee explicitly gives permission (folks tend to download personal items such as W2's, credit card statements, etc). In extreme cases, we can involve the ISO and legal but this is a very lengthy process and the manager will be responsible for the data and determining what is personal and business.
  2. Employee: Login to http://utlists.utexas.edu and remove yourself from all UTLists (note if you have more than one email, you will need to login to multiple accounts). The login is not your EID username/password, you may have to request a password reset via the site.
  3. Employee: Export any emails and give to the manager, we will not be able to access the mailbox after the employee leaves. If you would like the entire mailbox archived please let us know at least a week before the employee's last day (this can only be done with the exiting employee's permission, see 1a). If you want a subset of emails exported then move them into a folder and we can help export that folder.
  4. Employee: Share any credentials to the manager via https://stache.utexas.edu.
  5. Manager: Remove the exiting employee from any shared folders on box (IT generally does not have access to do this except for a handful of box accounts).
  6. Manager: Coordinate the removal of mainframe access (you can contact ITS at 512-475-9400 to determine who the mainframe contact is for your department).

CNS IT Responsibility

  1. Remove access from file servers (not including box).
  2. Remove FileMaker access.
  3. Change the caller ID and reset the voicemail password (this is typically done once a new employee is hired).
  4. Remove access to edit CNS sites.
  5. Pickup the computer and wipe it, we can label and hold until a new employee is identified.


  1. When will I lose access to my office365 (non-google) email?
    1. The second your appointment ends. The email will be permanently deleted 30 days after the employee leaves
  2. Can I set up a forward or auto-response on my office365 (non-google) email to notify people I am no longer working for the university?
    1. Yes but only for 30 days before your account is permanently deleted. After that people will get a bounced email response noting your email doesn't exist.
  3. When will I lose access to my "@utexas" google email?
    1. If you have a personal account you can keep it forever, you can check if you have a personal account by following this link. Please see this page if it notes you have a business account.
  4. Can I keep my computer (even if I buy it from the University)?
    1. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to keep a university-owned computer.