Computer Setup and Services

What to expect during your deployment:

  1. Setup the hardware and get connected to the network
  2. Configure any software that is needed
    1. Configure Code42 Crashplan UTBackup
    2. Configure Cisco VPN
    3. Configure Box Drive
    4. Install Mainframe (if needed)
    5. Install FileMaker (if needed)
    6. Set up E-mail client
  3. Install printers and drivers
  4. Transfer data (if needed)
  5. Transfer Bookmarks (if needed)
  6. Configure admin account (if needed)
  7. Review the security standards applied to your computer
  8. Answer any questions you may have

Help Request:

The Deployment Tech will configure your computer to the standard above, for installations that require a lengthy setup or requests not defined before the deployment we recommend submitting a ticket. For the fastest service follow this page to submit a ticket. TIP: If you submit a ticket to central IT, it will eventually come to us but there will be a delay in routing so for faster service we recommend using our form

Two Factor Authentication:

You will need to setup Duo to access some of the services below, please see this page on how to do this: Two Factor Authentication.


Microsoft Office 365: You will have a Microsoft Office 365 email account auto provisioned for you in the format of, you can access it by logging into Our deployment team can help you configure your email client of choice.

Gmail: You can also create a gmail based account email account if you prefer that service Our deployment team can help you configure your email client of choice.

Password Manager:

UT Austin Offers a password manager called stache , you can login to into by navigating to This tool allows you to share passwords between colleagues if needed.

Cloud File Service:

UT Box: We highly recommend using UT box to store all your data. You sign into box with the username (Your EID) Here are some benefits:

  1. There is no quota on the amount of data you can store and it's completely free.
  2. 15GB Max File Size
  3. It also meets all security requirements including student protected records (FERPA).
  4. Storing data in the cloud removes the dependency you have on your computer, if your computer dies you will continue to be able to work because you can access your data anywhere in the world by logging into .
  5. Every time you save a file it saves a version to box. If you need to roll back to a previous version you can log into the site and choose a previous version.
  6. You can access all your files directly on your computer in a folder that gets created when you setup box drive.
  7. There are 100% free options to setup shares if your department needs a file server solution, just submit a ticket and our team can assist with setting this up.

Did you know: You cannot use Dropbox or iCloud to store any university data unless it is classified for public consumption? We can help you migrate data to Box if needed.

Security Standards Applied to your Computer:

The following is configured in order to comply with UT policy, if you have a business case for needing these lifted please submit an exception to the University's Security Office for review.

  1. The computer will lock after 15 minutes of inactivity to comply with IRUSP 15.2.5.
  2. You cannot use an admin account as your day to day account so if you need admin rights we setup an “admin-EID” account in order to comply with IRUSP 5.8.2. Please review this document that outlines the responsibility you take on when you have admin access to your computer.
  3. The computer is configured with Microsoft Defender for Endpoints for antivirus in order to comply with IRUSP 1.7.14
  4. The computer is firewalled to on campus and vpn networks for the following protocols to prevent the device from being quarantined by the University’s Information Security Office:
    1. VNC
    2. RDP
    3. SSH
    4. Port Mapper
    5. Print Sharing
    6. File Sharing
  5. If it is a Mac, iCloud Drive usage is locked in order to comply with IRUSP 11.2, if you need iCloud Drive please let us know and we can make accommodations as long as you sign off you will not store confidential data on iCloud Drive.
  6. Encrypt the computer using FileVault (Mac) and BitLocker (Windows) in order to comply with IRUSP 11.3.

Software installed on all computers:

  1. Microsoft Office suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook)
  2. Browsers: Safari (Mac)/ Edge (Windows), Firefox, Chrome
  3. Cisco AnyConnect (VPN)
  4. Code42 UT Backup
  5. Box Drive

Additional Resources:


Software available to you (free unless otherwise noted):

You can access many pieces of software by opening the 'CNS App Store' on Mac or 'Software Center' on Windows. For a full list of available software via the App Store please see this list. We also offer the following licensed software-

  1. Mainframe Client (TN3270)
  2. Mathematica
  3. Matlab
  4. FileMaker Pro (Paid, unless Dean’s Office)
  5. Adobe Acrobat Pro (Paid perpetual license by department)
  6. Adobe Creative Cloud (Paid on annual subscription by department)
  7. ESRI ArcGIS

Security documents to review:

  1. Verify you have signed the Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. Verify you have completed the security awareness training.
  3. Review the Sensitive Research Data Management.
  4. Review the Sensitive Data Classification.
  5. Review the Record Management Schedule.
  6. For a compressive list please see this page.