Pro Tools - Relinking Audio Files in ProTools

By Susanne Kraft

To get ProTools to relink to lost audio files when the session opens it will ask you to locate missing files.

Select Manually Find and Relink and check the box to Regenerate Missing Fades. Click OK

When the Relink window opens choose the files to relink from the Select Files to Relink area click on one of the files and then click “apple A” to select all of them

Check all the folders and hard drives that the files might be in

Click Find Links at the top of the window. At the next pop up window choose Find by the file ID and Match Format and Duration Click OK

Searching file system will start
When the links are found a gold link symbol will appear by the side of the file.

Now click on “Commit Links” and then click yes at the next window.

The links will be committed and the fades will be re-rendered.

You can also choose to Find all Candidates if the

find links didn't work using the same workflow


When you are ready to move your session save your session as a copy.
Go to >File>Save Session Copy In

The next menu will come up and the “Session Format” This allows you to choose the current version running or a previous version of the software.
and make sure that “Copy Audio Files & Session Plug-In Settings Folder” and “Copy Root Plug-In Settings Folder” boxes are checked.

Choose where you want to save the session copy and audio files
Also title the new session file in the “Save As” box

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