AVID - Export a .WAV audio file

Select the tracks you would like to export as a .wav file.


(video track selection does not affect audio export. Audio track selection does affect audio export.)

Mark IN and OUT points on your timeline to choose what portion of the sequence you'd like exported as a .wav file.



*If you need to export the entire sequence as a .wav file then mark IN at the very beginning and OUT at the very end.

Choose File > Output > Export to File
The "Export As..." window appears

Click the "Options..." button

The "Export Settings" window appears
Choose "Audio" from the "Export As" dropdown


Use Marks

Use Selected Tracks




24 Bit


If you think you'll be using this Audio Export setting again, then choose "Save As..." and go to the next step


If not, skip the next step

Give your export setting a name and click OK

Click Save

Name your .wav

(hint - it will take the name of your sequence)

Navigate to the desired destination of the .wav file


Click Save