Moody College Equipment Checkout

Moody College Equipment Checkout

Location: HSM 2.102

Phone: (512) 471-6565
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Moody College Equipment Checkout Policies

All users agree to our usage policies upon checking out equipment. Please read the Moody College Equipment Checkout Policies before reserving equipment.

Equipment Reservation Procedures

Equipment Reservations - WebCheckout

Equipment Information

If you have any questions about what equipment we have in our collection, or want to know more about a specific item, check our Equipment Information.

WebCheckout Help

  1. If you are unable to access WebCheckout, please reach out to us at
  2. You will not be able to make a reservation within the next 24 hours or on weekends.  Be sure to adjust your pickup and return times accordingly.
  3. You will receive an email letting you know that your reservation request was successful.  The reservation will be in a pending state until approved by equipment checkout staff.  You will receive a confirmation email once your reservation is approved.
    1. If we cannot approve your reservation, you will be contacted via email to discuss.
  4. Please call or email with any issues that cannot be solved here.


 Q: I don't see the "Moody Equipment Reservations" tile when I log into Usher. OR I can't log into Usher.
A: We are no longer using Usher for equipment reservations.  Please use WebCheckout, our new reservation system.  If you have any issues accessing equipment in Webcheckout, please reach out to us at
 Q: What Equipment can I access?
A: Please see the Allocation Document for this semester, or simply log into WebCheckout.
 Q: What equipment do you have?
A: Our equipment collection is extensive. However, for an idea of what we have, please see the Equipment Information Page. This will allow you to see equipment in our collection by category. *Please note that many items are restricted to certain classes.  To see the specific equipment you can reserve, please use our new reservation system, WebCheckout.
 Q: I need equipment for an organization, or for a class outside of Moody College of Communication.
A: Unfortunately, we are only able to provide equipment for currently enrolled/affiliated Moody College Students, Faculty and Staff to be used in completing Moody College coursework or research or for carrying out of duties as assigned for Moody College.