AVID - Audio Plugins Workflow

If you need to enhance or alter your audio, AVID provides plugins that will bring up a GUI where you can control and visualize the changes made.This is good for removing humming, hissing, crackling, isolating voice-over, etc...

On the AVID Timeline place the Blue Timeline Indicator

on the clip you want to add the plugin

Go to >Tools>AudioSuite

Click on the Dropdown and choose the plugin you want to add

Here we are selecting and Iztope Plugin

These are only available in these labs: CMA 4.144, CMA 5th floor podcast rooms,

CMB 4.120 and CMB 4.112 and CMB 1st floor suites 

Click on the purple Plugin Icon to access the Plugin Settings

The Plugin interface will open. You can make changes and select the "Preview" button

to hear your changes. If you want to play them back on the timeline, you will need to render

the effect.

For more directions, you can follow these online

tutorials for how to use Izotope Plugins