CMB 4.122 - Studio 4C

Studio 4D is an approximately 1200 square foot screening studio.

The room is equipped with a large 16 x 9 perforated Projection Screen and an Audio Video System that supports Blu-Ray and Standard DVD, Mini DV, VHS, and CD that is projected on a Panasonic 5000 lumen DLP projector.

The room is also equipped with a special Panasonic 1080p DLP Projector with up to 5000:1 Contrast Ratio, RGB 1920 x 1080 High Definition multi-format projection that is used to screen full 1080P images from multiple High Definition sources.

There is a Macintosh G5 stationed in the room that is also connected to the Audio / Video Projection system.

The room also doubles as a Mixing Theatre where the Students' projects are mixed and prepared for broadcast or projection. The room has it's own dedicated 16mm film projector complete with a theatrical speaker array. The room is designed to give the viewer a realistic representation of how the film will look and sound in other theatres. The room utilizes Pro Tools HD 7.4 hardware and software for mixing. This allows full control of the audio tracks, and allows the mixer to manipulate the sound field. The room is capable of 64 tracks of audio, and has full connectivity to the editing SAN, and other editing suites. The projects are brought in either as an .OMF file on CD or DVD, or moved across the SAN, then opened in Pro Tools. Once the mix is complete, then the project is either copied to DVD, or moved back into the online suite, or it is output directly to the digital beta deck or HD deck. This allows the student full flexibility in format choices for the final product, and insures compatibility with theatres, festivals, and postproduction facilities around the world.

When classes are not be held in the studio it is available to University of Texas at Austin- Radio-TV-Film Production students and faculty for use.

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